30 Second TV Commercial Contest Winner September 2012 Reelshow

Reelshow 30 Second TV Commercial Contest Winner September 2012

The winner of the fourth Reelshow 30 Second TV Commercial Contest is ‘Forever Hard-Nails’ directed by Jessica Fallow a student at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. Jessica wins a US$ 25.00 Amazon voucher and joins our other finalists in the grand final in December.


The Commercial is described as follows:

‘”A nail polish that is designed for long lasting use and dries so quick that it leaves time for the other things….”

The add is situated around two lovers in their middle to late 20’s romantically enjoying each others company in the bedroom while the male paints her toe nails. The add focuses on the product being an enjoyable and relaxing inhibitor for couples and single women, through showing the product as an activity both members of the couple participate in.

The commercial portrays this activity as an enjoyable experience through the use of extreme close cinematography and a deep colour pallet. The commercial will inspire the target audience through an ideal scenario they would like to experience, separating the brand from other products through a unique advertising campaign aimed at marketing to a broader audience.

An add designed to rebrand nail polish as a fun, sexy activity for couples to enjoy in the comfort of their own home.’

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