30 Second TV Commercial Contest Winner July 2012 Reelshow

Reelshow 30 Second TV Commercial Contest Winner July 2012

The winner of our third Reelshow 30 Second TV Commercial Contest 2012 is ‘All Good Things’ written, produced and directed by Kevin Snyder. Congratulations Kevin, you win a US$25.00 Amazon Voucher and you join our  finalists to  go through to the Reelshow 30 Second TV Commercial Competition Final in December…!

Kevin on the making of his commercial ‘All Good Things’:

‘This commercial came out of the frustration I was having on a stop-motion animated short film I was working on last year. After giving the sculptors, set/costume designers the designs to work off of, I would have to wait for weeks before I saw the results.

One day, as I was feeling frustrated and impatient, my wife suggested we go out for hamburgers.  After waiting for the burgers to arrive, I went to put ketchup on them. As I tilted the bottle, I waited… and waited… and waited for the Heinz Ketchup to descend onto my burger.

My mind was full of impatience and frustration. It seemed that my life had been reduced to a waiting game in every aspect—including condiment application! Finally, a nice dollop of Heinz Ketchup dropped elegantly onto my medium/well-done burger. I picked it up, took a bite, and as I tasted that sweet, familiar Heinz Ketchup, all of my impatience and frustration melted away and the phrase “Worth the wait” came rushing into my mind.

I felt grateful to be relieved of all of that frustration and, as corny as it may sound, I immediately thought that I would like to make a commercial for Heinz Ketchup as a way of saying “thanks.” As I was immersed in the world of animation as I was making this commercial, I thought that, for whatever reason, animation would serve my commercial concept better than live action would have.

We used Flash to animate the character and, despite South Park’s ability to animate an entire show using Flash in 6 days, I still had to wait awhile before I could say the animation on my 30-second commercial was finished. That being said, I do have to say that I feel it was “Worth the wait.” :-)


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