30 Second TV Commercial Competition Finalists 2011

See The Reelshow 2012 30 Second TV Commercial Competitions details.
The ReelshowInt 30 Second TV Commercial Competition 2011 is now closed for entry. We have our 9 finalists. See all the films below.

Fifth Playoff

The 2 videos selected to go through to the final from the fifth and final  playoff are below.

TVC by Tommy Jiang

Tommy tells us about the ideas behind the making of his TVC.

After two weeks of ideas war, i just could not satisfy everything that i got in my head, until the 14th of Oct, somthing suddenly came up to my head, i told the idea to my co-worker, and he decided to stop help me out. he told me what a lazy and rediculars idea it is. But what i think is, a successful TVC doesn’t have to be complicated.
The most important element in a TVC is not the beautiful visual or the audio, it’s the idea that perfectly presents the product you are going to be advertising. Eventually I finished this TVC, personally i think it works for advertising a navigation system. In comparison, if the car is your world. then the navigator is the light, if the you got a beautiful mind, you should also have a direction to take to the right route. It doesn’t sounds 100percent right. But at least let people know how important the navigation system is for a car driver.
This is what the client ask for.

TVC RD Strong Beer by Rajeev K Rama

Fourth Playoff
Here are the 2 videos selected from the Fourth Round Playoff of the competition to go through to the final in October 2011.

Vintage Film Noir by Michael Edelstein

Michael has this to say about the making of his video.

‘I decided to shoot a 30 second commercial spec project using the theme of noir with several downtown Los Angeles locations near the LA river and warehouse district. The theme is based in part on several recent Chanel B&W Cologne commercials. I used a montage with a dark and creepy voice over to make the project edgy

Film noir is a visual style, unconventional, that emphasizes low key lighting and unbalanced compositions, films commonly identified as noir evidence a variety of visual approaches, including ones that fit comfortably within the Hollywood mainstream.’

A Test of Faith by Adewale Bajere

Third Playoff
We have selected 2 videos from the Third Round Playoff of the competition to go through to the final at the end of October 2011

XXY Energy Drink by Amarjith Singh

Amarith tells us a bit about the making of his video:

XXY Energy drink commercial was an assignment as a part of my training in FFVA. This concept came to my mind 5 years ago. But, then, I knew very little about making a commercial. So I pursued a course in Filmmaking. I enjoyed creating this AD.The shoot was completed with the help of my talented cameraman, Chanaveer and the actor, Sandeep and Faculty of FFVA.

Short Commercial by Ilya Korobkov

Ilya has this to say about his video:

I made it using stop motion technic, using Canon 60D photo camera. As for the final puzzle making, I first put it all together, and after disassembled it one by one, making shots of each stage. In post production, I just reversed it in the opposite direction. As for the sign animation, I used  Motion program. That was basically it.

Second Playoff
The 2 videos selected from the Second Round Playoff are as follows.

VK Kick Commercial by Anders Lonnfeldt

This is what Anders has to say about the project:

‘The video was a school project and the assignment was to do a drink commercial. But it wasn’t an assignment for a real client though. Since I study cinematography we had to use a bottle made of glass in the video because that is one of the most difficult props to work with when it comes to lighting. I wanted to try something in highspeed and with the “backwards effect” and this was what I came up with. I was pretty satisfied with the result. I did everything on my own except in the shootings where I had my assistant Rasmus Tåg on the set to help me out. I hope you enjoy the video!’



Face Only a Mother Could Love by Erik Ovesny
This is what Erik has to say about his film:

This film was shot in September of 2010 for a school project that required a one shot film that told the best story possible in 30 seconds (not including credits).My short could be used in a variety of ways or commercials.For example it could be a commercial for the Howard Stern Show or Comedy Central..

Erik’s You Tube Link

Production Values

First Playoff
We selected one video from the First Round Playoff to go through to the final in October 2011

Skittles – Download Rainbow by Sam Tokemaro/ Tokisoda, Igor Sodazot / Tokisoda
Production Values as follows
Concept: Denis Ponarin / 2×2 TV Channel
Creative Direction: Denis Ponarin / 2×2 TV Channel, Sam Tokemaro/ Tokisoda, Igor Sodazot / Tokisoda
Direction & Production: Sam Tokemaro/ Tokisoda, Igor Sodazot / Tokisoda
Audio: 2×2 TV Channel